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Name: Legumes/Pulses
Brand: Spiral Foods,
Resource of information: Gluten Free Eating Directory, Australia ()
Notes: Spiral Foods has been Australia’s leading supplier of quality ‘Traditional Foods’, with an emphasis on ‘organic’. Now in their 30th year, Spiral Foods products are found nationally in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Japan and Colombia. There are numerous gluten free products available through Spiral Foods. These include traditional Japanese sauces (tamari and mirin - organic varieties also available), coconut cream, coconut milk, sauces and 'drizzles' (salad dressings), organic fruit juices and fruit purees, oil and vinegars, Japanese miso, instant miso, sea vegetables, gluten free noodle varieties, minced herbs and spices, pasta (fettuccine, macaroni, conchiglie, brown rice penne and lasagna sheets), tomato products (pasta sauces, tinned tomatoes), legumes (organic tinned beans), gluten free grains (white quinoa, red quinoa, buckwheat whole grain), sweeteners and spreads (tahini, molasses, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, golden syrup), chips and crackers, snacks (dried fruits, nuts and seeds), Japanese condiments, general condiments (mustard, sea salt, gomasio shakes), low allergy baking powder, and beverages (Japanese teas and instant coffee). With the need for respect of our planet now even greater than ever, Spiral Foods has taken the major step towards addressing global warming by going 100% Climate Neutral. They believe good, safe, wholesome food is a basic human right. this earth, this food… Trade enquiries are welcome.

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