Pure Pineapple + Prebiotic (coming soon) Smartfruit

is it Pure Pineapple + Prebiotic (coming soon) gluten free?


Pure Pineapple + Prebiotic (coming soon)

Name: Pure Pineapple + Prebiotic (coming soon)
Brand: Smartfruit,
Category: Juices, Smoothie Mix, Fruit Pure,
Symbol: OU
Resource of information: Smartfruit (USA)

It seems like wholesomeness and purity are in short supply these days. That’s what makes Smartfruit Pure Pineapple such and exceptional treat. With 3 pineapples packed into every bottle and its authentic real fruit taste this is a fruit mix you must try to believe! The sweet yet tangy tropical vibe is sure to transport you to a purer state of mind. And of course, every bottle contains a prebiotic boost, which is fuel the body uses to help aid in digestion as well as numerous other health benefits.

So use Smartfruit Pure Pineapple to turn every beverage, smoothie, shake, cocktail or dessert into pure bliss. Stay away from the artificial and embrace the pure with Smartfruit Pure Pineapple.

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