UNCLE LEE'S TEA (Plum Tea) Plum Tea - 18 Tea Bags

is it UNCLE LEE'S TEA (Plum Tea) gluten free?

Contains Gluten


Name: UNCLE LEE'S TEA (Plum Tea)
Brand: Plum Tea, 18 Tea Bags,
Status: Contains gluten
Resource of information: Abundance Allergy & Gluten Free Shop ()

Flavour: Plum Tea

Family owned and operated by generations of tea growers, Uncle Lee's Tea is proud to bring a line of teas that are Simply Delicious! 

All their natural blends of teas, herbs and spices are exceptional in flavor and quality. Whether you enjoy traditional teas or a great cup of herbal tea, Uncle Lee's has it all for you. This tea makes a great gift for any tea lover and is simply delicious when served hot or iced. 

This is an 100% caffeine-free tea product. Go ahead and try it, taste the difference of Uncle Lee's Tea!

Individually wrapped tea bags

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