Lunchbox Medical Vita Diet

is it Lunchbox gluten free?



Name: Lunchbox
Brand: Medical Vita Diet,
Resource of information: Gluten Free Eating Directory, Australia ()
Notes: The Vita Diet supplements are delicious, nutrition-packed shakes, soups, bars and mousse that can be enjoyed by people of all ages for added nutrition and energy. They can also be used in conjunction with the Medical Vita Diet weight loss program, where dieters can expect to lose up to 3kg in the first week, and up to 1-1.5kg each following week. All of the supplements are gluten free, and they contain 16 essential vitamins and minerals, minimal additives, NO artificial colours or sweeteners, NO sulphites, and low GI carbohydrates. The gluten-free Vita Diet product range includes Shakes (Swiss Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Banana Smoothie, Caramel Bliss, Wild Strawberry and French Vanilla) Soups (Mediterranean Tomato, Creamy Chicken), Mousse Desserts (Chocolate, Banana) and Meal Replacement Bars (Choc Cherry, Choc Hazelnut). Not only are the Vita Diet supplements good for you, they taste DELICIOUS. Vita Diet Gluten Free Testimonials (from their Forum Board): “These milkshakes are a lifesaver! I have been skipping breakfast as GF cereals and breads are horrible. They are absolutely yummo and I am full of energy.” Lynne “I found the Vita Diet to be fabulous. I am not panicking now to find GF things to eat. I have also lost weight and feel so much better.” Bennloz “GF Cereals are horrible and I won’t get started on GF bread but I started these shakes and I have more energy. This is an amazing find for Coeliacs and I am so grateful!” CurlyLocks

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