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is it Complete Start - Instant Breakfast Shakes gluten free?


Complete Start - Instant Breakfast Shakes

Name: Complete Start - Instant Breakfast Shakes
Brand: Complete Start,
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Notes: Complete Start is a 100% organic, whole foods instant breakfast shake. Formulated specifically for breakfast to give you lasting, organic energy so you can perform optimally at work, at the gym, and in your life. Taking the time for breakfast is one thing, but we know taking the time for a healthy breakfast is another. Lucky for you, we make both easy.

To drink, simply pour a single-serving Complete Start shake out of our innovative, easy-pour pouches into your shaker cup. No mix or powder needed! Shake periodically, and enjoy the healthy, optimized nutrition your body deserves, every morning. Oh, and the empty pouch? It's 100% recyclable, so you don't need to worry about waste.

Each Complete Start has over 40% of your daily fiber intake and is the equivalent of one full breakfast. So just like you would a regular breakfast, be sure to enjoy it slowly to avoid feeling uncomfortable.
NOTE: This product is no more listed in this database and it might be not gluten-free anymore. It was last updated on 2018-07-03

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